Everything you must know about the NOC -No Objection Certificate

Everything you must know about the NOC -No Objection Certificate

Everything you must know about the NOC -No Objection Certificate

While the commonly known term NOC (No Objection Certificate) is being used for property buying and selling purposes, it plays a significant role in students aspiring to study in their favourite universities and law schools overseas. Unlike the NOCs for construction, passport, and property transfer requirements, the No Objection Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education (MoE), Nepal, acts as a legit document to enable seamless fee transactions between students' bank accounts and universities. As a standard protocol, students must apply NOCs online and receive the NOC letter before reaching out to banks to transfer their tuition fees and other fees pertaining to the respective institutions overseas.

Owing to the border re-opening measures across countries, including Australia, the USA, the UK, it's an apt time to apply and receive your NOCs to study on-campus in your desired country.

Do you want to know the process and documents required to apply for a NOC? Well then, read on! This blog is specially curated for students like you to apply for a No Objection Certificate in no time! 

Documents Required for NOC

  • Citizenship proof
  • Citizenship of guardian
  • Valid visa copy
  • Departure slip of passport (Nepal Immigration)
  • Arrival slip of passport (Concern Country Immigration)
  • University Bonafide Letter
  • Invoice Letter (payment details)
  • Original & photocopy of passport
  • Original & photocopy of academic transcripts
  • Acceptance letter or I-20 from the University/ Law School (the institution you are applying to study abroad).

Steps to apply NOC Online:

Location: Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu (adjacent to Garden of Dreams, Thamel)

Website: www.moe.gov.np

Email: [email protected]

Step 1 - Collect the NOC application form from the MoE distribution centre or download it from the MoE website and fill it.

Step 2 - Verify the duly filled form from the verification counter.

Step 3 - Pay the No Objection Certificate application procession fee (NPR 2000).

Step 4 - Collect the proof of payment slip and the verified application form to the NOC registration section, where you will be allocated a unique number.

Refer to the below table to know the respective counters at the MoE Centre.

Application Form Distribution2(a) numbered windowApplication Formโ€Œ+ Document Verification2(b) numbered windowRevenue Deposit1 numbered WindowApplication Registration3 numbered windowNo Objection Letter Distribution6 numbered window


  1. All students applying for the NOC must pay 2000 NPR.
  2. Students submitting the NOC form on or before 12 PM on the day of registration will receive their No Objection Certificates on the same day.
  3. Students submitting the duly filled form post 12 PM will receive their NOCs on the next working day.
  4. NOCs are distributed at window 6, and students are notified by their respective token numbers.

Course Specific NOC Eligibility Requirements:

Certificate III-V /Diploma/ Advanced Diploma /Level 3-5 (Min 2 Year Diploma)

  •  Academic Transcript (+2 or Equivalence)
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Certificate of Admission/Offer Letter/Acceptance Letter /1-20 letter
  • Invoice Letter
  • Equivalent Letter (If studied high school overseas)
  • English Language Test Certificate.
  • Copy of Previous NOC (If It has been issued before)
  • Graduate Certificate /Graduate Diploma

2. Graduate Certificate /Graduate Diploma/Post Graduate Diploma (1 Year)

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Academic Transcript (Bachelor)
  • Certificate of Admission/Offer Letter/Acceptance Letter /1-20 Letter
  • Invoice Letter
  • English Language Test Certificate

3. For Bachelor Degree Student (Min 3 years)

  •  Korean University Business Registration Certificate (Republic of Korea Only)
  • NHPC Registration License (If Diploma degree Achieved)
  • NHPC Pre-Approval Letter (If Diploma degree Achieved, Like HA to Public Health)
  • CAAN Pre-Approval (for Piloting Training courses)
  • English Language Test Certificate 

4. For Nursing Student

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate (PCL Nursing/Bio-Group)
  • Certificate of Admission/Offer Letter/Acceptance Letter /1-20 Letter
  • Invoice Letter
  • Nursing Council License (For PCL Nursing)
  • Equivalent Letter of concern Institution
  • NHPC Pre-Approval Letter 

5. For Masters Degree Students

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Academic Transcript certificate (Bachelor or Equivalent)
  • Certificate of Admission/Offer Letter /Acceptance Letter /1-20 Letter
  • Invoice Letter
  • Council License (If Engineering, Medical, Nursing or Professional Degree is achieved)
  • Undergraduate Degree Certificate (If studied overseas)

6. For Bachelor/Undergraduate (MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BVMS) Degree Students

  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Transcript Certificate (+2, PCL, Diploma/NHPC
  • Certificate of Admission/Offer Letter /Acceptance Letter /1-20 Letter
  • Invoice Letter
  • Bridge Course certificate (for students from Non-Science Field, Like HA)